Pupil Leadership


At Charter Academy, we want children to ‘succeed and thrive, so that they are ready for the next phase of their education and lives and are able to make positive             contributions in society. We believe that, promoting the British Values, while showing determination, curiosity,    ambition, consideration and pride are integral to children’s  personal development. Whilst we encompass all of these things into our daily lives at Charter, the children are always at the centre which is why our Pupil Leadership is so vital to our children’s development. Charter is at the beginning of its leadership journey and are thoroughly excited to be providing children with opportunities that are meaningful and purposeful, ensuring that the pupil’s voice is being heard. 

Following feedback from the children, we adapted and   created new groups this year, enabling the children to have the best impact possible and feel like THEY are able to make a difference. We thought carefully about groups that would enable them to be able to take action without having to always meet with staff and allowing them to take ownership where possible themselves. 

Taking this into consideration the following groups were developed:

Eco Defenders—raising awareness and making the school eco friendly.

Well-Being Warriors—providing support and guidance to pupils, and creating an atmosphere of acceptance and              understanding within the school. 

Reading Champions—encouraging a love of reading in all children at Charter.

Cultural Leaders—raising awareness and respect for the many cultures we have at Charter and within our community.

Events Coordinators—coordinating events which build   community spirit and raise money for people in need.

Pupils are selected through a class voting system to give the     children real life opportunity of the democratic experience.

This is what some of the children had to say about Pupil Leadership: