Oracy at Charter Academy

The development of oracy is a key ambition at Charter Academy. We aim to develop confident communicators who can articulate their ideas effortlessly. Oracy gives every child the opportunity to find their voice; to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings clearly and coherently whilst developing understanding.

Effective communication helps every child to fulfil their potential and flourish in their school life and beyond, regardless of their background. We endeavour to give every learner within our school community, this opportunity.

underpinned by the oracy framework created by Voice 21. At Charter Academy we are working towards meeting each of the Voice 21 oracy benchmarks.  The oracy framework uses four vital strands; physical, linguistic, cognitive and social and emotional. These strands guide our oracy planning in all areas of the curriculum. 

Sentence stems

Through a high quality oracy curriculum, students learn through talk and learn how to talk effectively. The use of carefully planned, modelled and scaffolded talk in the classroom broadens and deepens children’s verbal responses and explanations. Teachers deliberately plan to enrich lessons with oracy and ensure that opportunities for student talk are a regular feature across the curriculum. 

Our learners are encouraged to speak in full, coherent sentences when sharing their ideas and using spoken language. We have created a bank of differentiated sentence stems which our learners have access to in theirclassrooms and are carefully used in teacher’s planning. Please feel free to use the talk tactics below with your children at home.

Alongside empowering children to be confident, effective communicators we understand the importance of teaching children to practise active listening. We have developed a school listening ladder as a toolkit for teachers and children to refer to throughout the school day.  

Watch our Oracy video here

During our recent Oracy Showcase, colleagues from our network schools were invited to visit Charter to see our oracy work in practice.  Feedback from this was very positive and many colleagues have taken ideas away to put in place at their own school.

It was exceptional – the Oracy work they have undertaken over the past 2 years is nothing short of inspiring. Her team spoke with clarity, passion and knowledge and the children were just brilliant. Confident, articulate,  empowered children who had developed many skills and tools to ensure their voice was heard.

(Coventry Network Lead)